Laptop with the Zavo website open on the screen.Banking app visualization with 3D glass shapes3D visualization featuring a design concept for the Zavo fintech app on a mobile screenTwo floating mobile phones displaying a fintech app screens.

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Humbleteam has designed interfaces for 56 digital products launched by startups and enterprises in all areas of fintech.
(You’ve probably used one of them.)

3D visualization with a mobile phone displaying a fintech app, resting on a ball in a dark background
Banking app visualization with 3D glass shapes
Abra Cryptocurrency app dashboard on the tablet's screen
Two floating mobile phones displaying a fintech app screens.
Fintech app screens in isometric view
Finance manager dashboard displayed in a 3D visualization on a laptop screen
Laptop with the Zavo website open on the screen.
3D visualization featuring a design concept for the Zavo fintech app on a mobile screen
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As a multidisciplinary team, we're all about speed and innovation, creating groundbreaking product hypotheses and quickly testing them.

Humbleteam is specifically geared for this, aiming to boost your product from within, not just on the surface.

Leverage our fintech-focused design expertise

5 YC fintechs have our design team as part of in-house production
Online bank dashboard displayed on a tablet screen connected to a Magic KeyboardTwo floating mobile phones display a financial app designed for managing investment portfolios3D visualization of Zavo's banking cards.
Launched 50+ fintech products: neobanks, BNPL, proptech, crypto, and more.
A mobile phone hovers above the water, displaying the home screen of a banking app

Since 2019 we elevate digital products and skyrocket clients’ returns

Tailored fintech
design team specifically
for your needs
We augment fintech teams to proactively deliver innovative user experience and product growth.
UX/UI, brand, motion designers, and research experts on board
Countries with fintech clients represented
A mobile phone displaying abstract 3D shapes in the background, with a financial management app on the screen

Long-term design support

We’re here for you if you need to strengthen your team with extra pros for a long period of time.
Two floating mobile phones displaying a fintech app screens

Invent and design new digital products

From idea to MVP and scalable product, we design everything from banking backend systems to mobile and Apple Watch apps for convenient banking on the go.

Relaunch existing fintech product

We'll revamp your fintech product, whether it's an internet banking platform with 2M active users or a small MVP.
Two mobile screens displaying a design concept for PayPal application
Raised in investments by our fintech startup clients
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Our clients say

CEO & Founder, SadaPay
Banking Platform
Head of Engineering
Co-Founder & CEO
Investment company
President of the company
COO, Financial Services Firm

Our work spans the globe, from startups on the US West Coast to leading banks in Europe, the UK, and Singapore.


Startup companies

Payroll services
Unicorn, $1B in funding
Mobile-first credit card platform
$544M in funding
Neobank for immigrants and students
$338M in funding
B2B credit infrastructure
$336M in funding
Hello Brigit
Borrow & build credit app
$115M in funding
Crypto platform
$106M in funding
Rocket Money
Subscription manager
$84M in funding
Payroll platform
$77M in funding
Business & personal finance
$45M in funding
Lifestyle bank
$31M in funding
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ATM Monitoring system
KYC and security design consulting
Mobile app
Banking infrastructure and back-office tools
IBM Accelerator
Banking for SMB
J.G. Wentworth
Mobile banking for immigrants
Personal banking assistant app
All around design support
Neobank for payments and digital wallet
Societe Generale Group
Eco-friendly banking incentive program
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What we do

Growth and optimisation for digital products

Improve product KPIs
Laptop screenshot displaying a competitor analysis of the fintech sector in Figma
Identify new revenue flows

Invent and design new digital products

Identify market opportunities
Laptop screenshot showing a presentation process with three people
Find product-market fit
Three mobile screens displaying a colorful bank application concept
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Our brightest work in fintech


New banking concept in just 3 weeks

Humbleteam supported the ING team in redesigning banking for small businesses. In just 23 days, we developed and user-tested prototypes for a new banking approach.
Mobile phone with a fintech app lying on a 3D background
Societe General Group

Transforming a banking app for sustainable spending

We designed the UI for a program that analyzes expenses to show if you're supporting eco-friendly businesses, promoting a greener lifestyle.
Mobile screen displaying a banking app with flowers in the background

The #1 Canadian app for finance management 

Our design iterations revealed Moka's standout feature: a chat for smart investment advice from real advisors. This led to Moka's acquisition by fintech leader Mogo, with over 1M users.
Mobile screen with a banking app

From 0 to 100K+ users

We boosted this neobank from zero to over 100K users and secured $20M+ in investments, achieving an app store rating of 4.8 with 25K reviews.
Mobile screen displaying abstract 3D shapes in the background, with a finance app on the screen

Creating a bold brand that screams ‘business casual’

We developed a brand for their open payment network that perfectly balances professionalism with a relaxed business vibe.
Mobile screen with a fintech product design concept example

A website and app designed to help first-time homebuyers save and invest

Delivered the UX/UI design for their web and mobile platforms (both iOS and Android), making the homebuying journey easier.
Fintech website concept on a laptop screen
3D rendering of a mobile screen featuring a financial app interface with additional 3D elements and logos

Launching Pakistani neobank with MasterCard

Sadapay, Pakistan's first neobank. From idea to final product, it was designed to serve no-fees financial freedom at its finest. Acquired in 2024 by the Turkish fintech leader (15M+ app downloads).

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